Benefits to Business

Benefits to Business and Organizations

  • Extremely affordable, local, mobile friendly, easy to use directory.
  • Listing can improve your website’s placement on Google Search Engine results. Improving your sites SEO.
  • List in multiple search options and multiple business categories.
  • Links from the directory to your existing website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube accounts.
  • Direct contact with potential clients. No cost for leads. Leads go directly to advertisers.
  • Ability to receive and display reviews with greater control than other social media sites.
  • Directory provides you with an optional mini-website. If your business only has a Facebook page, it now has a functional website with its own URL address.
  • No distracting pop-up advertisements ever listed on your directory page.
  • In-person marketing to area churches, organizations, and at local events with promotional materials; producing substantial word of mouth exposure throughout the Central Coast.
  • Ongoing social media marketing campaigns (such as Facebook/Ads & Google/Ads ) drive individuals to the directory and potentially to your website.
  • Business tax deduction for advertising that also helps support Christian nonprofits.

Local Mission Minded Principles

  • Participating in establishing an organized directory to provide an additional source of promotion for local Christian businesses and Nonprofits; contributing to their current success and preservation through possible dark economic times ahead.
  • Supporting local Christian Nonprofits and their events. Costs for listings/advertising of local Christian nonprofits are absorbed by our Christian business advertisers.
  • Building a greater network for connecting with local Christian Churches, businesses, nonprofits and the local Christian community.
  • As we further unite with one another we help the “Church” and Christian Business Community remain a growing, powerful and influential presence here on the Central Coast.
  • More outreach opportunities by making the directory available for sharing with people outside the Church/Christian Community. Glorifying God in business.
  • Providing opportunities for keeping more dollars working within the body of Christ and making the local economy stronger.
  • Recognition by the community as a CCCBD group member that practices the highest standards in business.