In an industry that is inherently emotional and stressful, my goal is to deliver a steady, calm path and ensure you can trust me to put my passion for real estate to work for you.
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Kay Cementina, Patterson Realty / Realtor® Broker Associate

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In an industry that is inherently emotional and stressful, my goal is to deliver a steady, calm path and ensure you can trust me to put my passion for real estate to work for you. I am dedicated and committed to each and every client. Before, during and after the sale, I look forward to nurturing relationships with my clients which builds lifelong friendships. I am authentic in my approach to handling the most expensive transaction you will likely ever be involved with. It’s a complicated process, but I am here to guide you each step of the way.

Wanting to build on an already successful career, I took the step of adding a Broker’s License to my resume. This required several years of experience and many additional educational courses to prepare for an extensive exam. I am now qualified to run my own brokerage, but I have chosen to continue to work at Patterson Realty where collaboration and cooperation are key aspects of the office atmosphere.

While many consumers think a real estate agent’s primary responsibility is to simply help buy and sell houses, it is far more complicated than that. Here is how I like to break down the value of my services to both buyers and sellers:

6 Phases of a Successful Real Estate Broker’s Service to a Client

1. 20% – Strategy – The end goal beyond the sale or purchase is far more important than the actual transaction. Many times through counseling the client, a greater understanding of the ultimate goal tends to change what the person thought they initially were hoping to do. It is only after a strategy session to outline the goals that I can truly be of service.

2. 20% – Matching Buyers and Sellers Together – Many people think a realtor simply finds houses for buyers and lists a property for a seller, but that is really just the tip of the iceberg. With today’s technology, you may find a listing online that could work for you without my help. But, that is just one of many steps. And, quite often, a revisit to the strategy session changes the search for a buyer from what they had thought they wanted, to something else. And, sometimes sellers may not really be ready to sell. The transaction is a process for both sides.

3. 30% – Negotiation – I do not come across as an aggressive salesperson, but I take great pride and joy in getting the best terms for my clients and seeing a fair deal come together for all. That doesn’t always mean the lowest price being offered by a buyer or the highest price accepted by the seller. There are many other terms and parts of the purchase agreement that all come in to play. Only an agent with experience can guide you through all the nuances of negotiation and explain why one way to do something may be better than another. The myriad of legal documents can also be daunting, but I am a teacher at heart and happy to explain what is being written in the contract.

4. 5% – Vetting Vendors – A real estate transaction takes many players on a team. I serve as a quarterback to help you get the best affiliated suppliers for every aspect of the deal. From escrow, title, inspectors, appraisers, companies for a myriad of needed repairs, staging and movers, the list goes on – and my network is in place just for you.

5. 20% – Escrow Management – Once the offer is accepted, the work really starts. Negotiations may happen again as surprises pop up and many problems must be managed. As your broker, I make it my goal to keep things moving forward as smoothly and easily for you as I can. If I can handle the problems in the background and only let you know a solution was needed once it has been found, you don’t have to deal with the stress of the concern. That’s my job and I am happy to do it.

6. 5% – After the Close – Just because the escrow has closed and you have the keys to your new house, that doesn’t mean my job is done. I am available for my clients continually. Whether you need a referral for someone to help around the house (designers, landscapers, plumbers, handymen, painters, etc….) or if after-the-fact something to do with the contract or escrow should resurface, I am still working on your behalf. And, I am never too busy to work with your friends and family who could use my help.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about how my business works. I look forward to your strategy session so that I can answer additional questions and help you reach your goal soon!

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